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The Coffee and Cocoa Plant Health Management Programme (CPhM-p) aims at developing game changing solutions for ensuring healthy coffee and cocoa plants for maximum productivity

Programme mandate

Manage and mitigate harmful effects of pests, diseases, weeds, changing climate and guaranteeing appropriate plant nutrition in coffee and cocoa

Programme goal

Sustainably increase coffee and cocoa production through elimination of losses due to pests, diseases, weeds, poor plant nutrition and unreliable climate

Programme Objectives:

  • Developing environmentally-friendly and effective measures of managing key coffee and cocoa pests, diseases and weeds,
  • Developing mitigation and/or adaptation strategies for diverse agro-ecological conditions and anticipated climate scenarios,
  • Enhancing plant nutrition for managing pests and diseases of coffee and cocoa,
  • Exploiting coffee and cocoa ecosystems biodiversity such as pollinators, honey bees and natural enemies for sustainable economic gains.

Programme Units:

  • Entomology and nematology
  • Climate change
  • Plant nutrition
  • Pathology
  • Weed Science

Ongoing projects:

Towards understanding bio-ecology of the black coffee twig borer (BCTB) and development of sustainable strategies for its management

  • Determining local and landscape drivers of population and infestation of BCTB
  • Developing sustainable bio-control technologies for BCTB
  • Developing chemical control strategies for BCTB and other coffee and coffee pests
  • Enhancing soil and water management for controlling BCB
  • Up-scaling and out-scaling coffee IPM technologies through FFS.