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The unit performs the following functions:

1. Develop, implement and evaluate strategic human resource management plans and budgets.

2. Coordinate staff selection and recruitment, and serve as secretary to the appointment committee.

3. Monitor the performance of staff to ensure the attainment of set performance targets.

4. Develop, coordinate and implement effective strategies for improving workplace relations in order to gain employee commitment and improved morale.

5. Oversee the implementation of an effective HRMIS for monitoring, tracking and evaluating employee activities.

6. Assess staff training needs as well as develop and implement on-the-job training programmes.

7. Coordinate and manage all contracts relating to goods and services and ensure provision of high quality services (security, cleaning, repair services, compound maintenance).

8. Maintain institute installations, buildings, furniture, fixtures and fittings, office equipment and any other institute property.

9. General management of institute fleet as per the NARO Fleet Management Policy.

10. Ensure availability and proper use of utilities and services (electricity, water, generator, telephone).

11. Supervise contracted service providers (all casual staff under administration)

12. Develop and disseminate in a timely manner all administration policies and guidelines on procedure and relevant legislative requirements

13. Maintain and update the NARO assets register (in liaison with the Stores Assistant)