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Coffee and Cocoa Value-addition and Agribusiness Programme (CVA-P)


CVA-P is mandated to generate post-harvest and value-addition technologies, information and knowledge that will enhance productivity and profitability of coffee and cocoa; and scale up uptake and use of coffee and cocoa research outputs.

Strategic Objectives

By developing technologies, information and procedures for coffee and cocoa post-harvest handling, processing and product diversifications and

Enhancing uptake and utilization of coffee and cocoa research innovations

CVA-Programme focus areas:

Production and marketing of safe and quality products developed from coffee and cocoa

Conducting socio economic survey on productivity and profitability of coffee, adoption and impact studies of research outputs

Developing of an efficient and effective coffee and cocoa seed system

On-going research projects

1. Optimization of postharvest handling for improved cocoa productivity in Uganda

2. Enhancing commercialization of the 7cwdr naro bred Rubosta coffee varieties

3. Assessing the potential of solar drying technology to reduce coffee post-harvest losses

4. Information on economic, social and environmental benefits accrued from coffee growing and associated enterprises

5. Enhancing up-take and adoption of coffee technologies